SpongeBob Doesn’t Care About Your Minneapolis Child’s Health

SpongeBob Doesn't Care About Your Minneapolis Child's Health

National and local Minneapolis food advertisers can sabotage your St Paul child’s health. Food manufacturers, like most Minneapolis corporations, are motivated by profit, not by what’s best for St Paul kids.

Their tools are deceptive language, cartoon characters, celebrities, and false promises of popularity. St Paul parents can help youth better handle the constant media barrage by teaching them:

The components of a healthy diet
The implied messages and false promises of St Paul food ads
Nutritional balance and moderation
How to read and understand Minneapolis food labels
How excessive TV watching and internet viewing can affect health

If you encounter a local St Paul food ad that is deceptive, contact the Minneapolis Better Business Bureau. To complain about national ads, send a letter to the Children’s Advertising Review Unit, Council of Better Business Bureaus, 845 Third Ave, New York, NY 10022.

Nothing will change until Minneapolis families unite to fight deceptive advertising aimed at St Paul children. For more information on children’s nutrition in Minneapolis, call me today.

Linda Sheplee St Paul, Minnesota 55016 651-285-1587 lsheplee@gmail.com

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