Exotic Pet Dangers In Apple Valley

Exotic Pet Dangers In Apple Valley

Does your child have an unusual pet? Many Apple Valley parents have bypassed cats and dogs for pets that don’t leave hair, urine, or vomit on the carpet. Ease of care, however, is not always a wise trade-off. Apple Valley parents should be aware of the multiple health and safety risks associated with reptiles, rodents, ferrets, primates, and even fish.

The following list of pets and the possible dangers reads like a script for a horror movie:

Fish: infections that can cause lung disease, skin infections, and leprosy
Hamsters: a virus that causes irreversible nerve damage
Hedgehogs: salmonella, yersinia pseudotuberculosis, rabies, and fungal infections
Iguanas, lizards, snakes: salmonella (the animals themselves can tolerate levels of salmonella far greater than humans)
Monkeys and other primates: herpes B (can cause meningitis in humans), tuberculosis, serious injury
Ferrets: these fierce critters with razor-sharp teeth have maimed many children
Prairie dogs: tuleremia (often fatal infection)
African Gambian rats: monkeypox (smallpox-related disease)

The foregoing information was taken from an excellent U.S. News article which can be found at http://health.usnews.com/health-news/blogs/on-parenting/2008/10/06/8-pets-that-pose-major-health-threats-to-kids

With proper hygiene and safety precautions these pets may not cause problems, but it is important to understand the possible dangers. Consult an expert for comprehensive instructions on caring for any traditional or non-traditional pet.

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