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Exotic Pet Dangers In Apple Valley

Exotic Pet Dangers In Apple Valley

Does your child have an unusual pet? Many Apple Valley parents have bypassed cats and dogs for pets that don’t leave hair, urine, or vomit on the carpet. Ease of care, however, is not always a wise trade-off. Apple Valley parents should be aware of the multiple health and safety risks associated with reptiles, rodents, ferrets, primates, and even fish.

The following list of pets and the possible dangers reads like a script for a horror movie:

Fish: infections that can cause lung disease, skin infections, and leprosy
Hamsters: a virus that causes irreversible nerve damage
Hedgehogs: salmonella, yersinia pseudotuberculosis, rabies, and fungal infections
Iguanas, lizards, snakes: salmonella (the animals themselves can tolerate levels of salmonella far greater than humans)
Monkeys and other primates: herpes B (can cause meningitis in humans), tuberculosis, serious injury
Ferrets: these fierce critters with razor-sharp teeth have maimed many children
Prairie dogs: tuleremia (often fatal infection)
African Gambian rats: monkeypox (smallpox-related disease)

The foregoing information was taken from an excellent U.S. News article which can be found at

With proper hygiene and safety precautions these pets may not cause problems, but it is important to understand the possible dangers. Consult an expert for comprehensive instructions on caring for any traditional or non-traditional pet.

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Minneapolis Mega-Meals: Don’t Eat The Whole Thing!

Minneapolis Mega-Meals: Don't Eat The Whole Thing!

It’s no wonder that many St Paul children and teens struggle with weight issues. What is considered a ‘normal’ food portion has been getting bigger and bigger. In some cases, as with gargantuan St Paul fast food soft drinks and Minneapolis Costco muffins-on-steroids, it is absolutely ridiculous. And extremely unhealthy.

The findings from three large national surveys demonstrate:

‘Hamburgers have expanded by 23 percent; a plate of Mexican food is 27 percent bigger; soft drinks have increased in size by 52 percent, snacks, whether they be potato chips, pretzels or crackers, are 60 percent larger.’1

St Paul restaurants and Minneapolis food and beverage manufacturers are not the only ones sabotaging our children. Portion sizes have increased in homes, also.

If St Paul parents are going to help their children maintain a healthy weight, learning proper portion sizes is critical. If we don’t know the size of a healthy portion, how can we teach our children?

The Mayo Clinic website has a great slide show that helps Minneapolis parents and other children’s health advocates understand what ‘4 ounces’ or a ‘half cup’ actually looks like. You can see it here:

To order a terrific nutritional product for Minneapolis kids, call me today!

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1John McKenzie, ‘Food Portion Sizes Have Grown, A Lot,’ ABC News, Jan. 21, 2011,, accessed on June 28, 2011

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Fun Exercise Ideas For Apple Valley Kids

Fun Exercise Ideas For Apple Valley Kids

When I was growing up in Apple Valley, my friends and I never ran out of things to do, and most of our activities provided at least a little bit of exercise. I have fond memories of playing kick-the-can on warm summer nights and swimming at the old Apple Valley community pool.

Unfortunately, many of today’s Apple Valley kids spend hours daily in sedentary activities. Exercise benefits our physical, mental, and emotional health. Perhaps you might enjoy participating in some of these with your son or daughter.

Fun exercise suggestions:

  • Fly a kite (It’s even more fun if you sing the song from Mary Poppins while you are doing it.)
  • Wheels: bike, skateboard, longboard, inline skates, rip stick, scooter (don’t forget a helmet!)
  • Rake the yard
  • Hula hoop (The Apple Valley Wal-Mart carried them last time I checked.)
  • Martial arts
  • Juggling
  • Hacky sack
  • Badminton
  • Weight lifting
  • Hopscotch
  • Jump-roping
  • Tug-of-war

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Artificial Sweeteners And Your Cottage Grove Child

Artificial Sweeteners And Your Cottage Grove Child When Cottage Grove parents try to limit sugar in their children’s diets, they often turn to sugar substitutes. There are dozens of sweetening options available.

NutraSweet, Splenda, Equal, Sweet’N Low, Xylitol, Sorbitol, highly refined Stevia (Truvia, Pure Via) possible benefits:
May help kid’s consume fewer calories
Doesn’t contribute to tooth decay
Generally safe for Cottage Grove children with diabetes (check with your doctor)

Don’t overdo it. Some Cottage Grove children experience diarrhea and other intestinal problems if they consume artificial sweeteners. If your Minneapolis child is trying it for the first time, go easy until you know how they react to it.

Many people believe artificial sweeteners cause cancer, contribute to weight gain, and cause health problems. Talk to your Cottage Grove pediatrician for children’s nutritional guidance.

To improve your child’s nutrition, ask me about Best Sellers Variety Case today by calling 651-285-1587. It’s a hit with children all over Minnesota and I am sure your kids will love it also!

Information from this article was taken from: ‘Artificial Sweeteners: Understanding These and Other Sugar Substitutes, Mayo Clinic, Oct. 9, 2010,, July 2, 2011

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Plastic Alert For Apple Valley Parents

Plastic Alert For Apple Valley Parents Hello new Apple Valley parents. Today’s Healthy Apple Valley Children’s blog focuses on BPA. Bisphenol A (BPA), the dangerous compound used in plastics manufacturing can now be detected everywhere in our environment: in our food, clothing, homes, offices, soil, water: you name it.

‘Since at least 1936 it has been known that BPA mimics estrogens, binding to the same receptors throughout the human body as natural female hormones.’1

What does this mean for Apple Valley kids? Numerous scientific studies suggest an increased risk of cancer and neurological problems.

Apple Valley infants are the most susceptible to even minute amounts of BPAs. Unfortunately, most infant formula containers and plastic bottles contain BPAs and other toxins.

What can Apple Valley parents do to reduce the risk of these chemicals finding their way into their child’s formula or baby food?


1) Do not heat plastic containers in the microwave.
2) Do not wash plastic containers in hot water.
3) Consider using glass bottles and containers.

These are simple steps that any Apple Valley parent or day-care provider can take. Toss your plastic bottles today! For more information about children’s health issues, call me at 651-285-1587.

1David Biello, “Plastic (Not) Fantastic: Food Containers Leach a Potentially Harmful Chemical,” Scientific American, Feb. 19, 2008,, accessed on May 16, 2011

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Easy First Bike For Minneapolis Kids

Easy First Bike For Minneapolis Kids There’s a new way for Minneapolis kids to learn how to ride a bike. At first glance, balance or no-pedal bikes look just like any other kid’s bike. Look closer, however, and you notice that they are missing something: pedals.

In my St Paul neighborhood cul-de-sac, I have seen toddlers as young as two hop on these bikes, scoot around for a few minutes and in no time at all, they are balancing like a pro. Minneapolis balance bike sellers say that when a child is ready for the real thing, no training wheels are required.

If you are interested in getting a no-pedal bike for your child, don’t buy a size up. Both of your child’s feet should be firmly planted on the ground when he or she is sitting on the seat.

I promote children’s health and fitness in Minneapolis and sell a nutritional product that many St Paul families enjoy. To learn about the top children’s nutrition pick of the year, call or email me today.

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Prevent Classroom Sickness In Cottage Grove

Prevent Classroom Sickness In Cottage Grove

To curb the spread of viruses, lice, and other kid’s health threats in Cottage Grove schools, parents need to teach their kids proper hygiene practices and review them on a regular basis.

Here is a rundown of some unwelcome classroom visitors and steps to combat them:

  • Head lice: wash hands frequently, don’t share combs, hats, scarves.
  • Ringworm (skin infection with circular lesions, not actually caused by worms): keep sores covered, don’t share combs or clothing.
  • Pinkeye: vigilant hand washing can help stop the spread. Cottage Grove parents should keep kids home if their eyes are pink or draining fluid.
  • Colds, flu, strep: anti-bacterial wipes and no-rinse hand sanitizer can supplement soap and water scrubbing. Remind kids not to share drinks, snacks, lotion, chap stick, and lip gloss.

Cottage Grove children who know and practice these safeguards will be prepared when the next H1N1 threat visits Minneapolis.

I promote children’s health issues in Minneapolis. For information on my health business, contact me today.

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Rethinking Minneapolis Schools

Rethinking Minneapolis Schools Welcome to today’s Healthy Minneapolis Children blog. This site is dedicated to promoting children’s health in the Minneapolis area.

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last 20 years, you have heard about the obesity epidemic among U.S. children.

There are many worthwhile programs in the Minneapolis community that promote healthy eating habits and increased exercise for our youngest residents. I came across an interesting article last week that focused on how the design of schools can affect children’s health in general and obesity rates in particular.

‘Many schools were planned without thought given to how students can safely walk or ride their bikes to school. Playgrounds have been cut from budgets. An overemphasis on competitive sports has created a disproportionate amount of funding going to a select group of high profile sports, while minimizing the opportunities for the majority of students who desperately need exercise.’ Joel K. Sims, AIA, “Designing Schools To Fight Childhood Obesity,” School Designer, May 2007,, accessed on May 16, 2011

Here are some suggestions for making schools fitness-friendly:

  • Incorporate features of professional health clubs
  • Partner with community fitness centers to create multi-use facilities
  • Combine electronic entertainment and exercise
  • Incorporate movement into lesson plans

As we plan for new and renovated Minneapolis schools, let’s take our children’s fitness into consideration. As Minneapolis parents and educators, we can also promote lesson plans that incorporate movement. I also believe we need to look at how our tax dollars are spent. Do competitive sports programs in Minnesota receive more than their fair share of available funds? Could we better use this money to provide exercise opportunities for all Minneapolis children?

I encourage you to raise awareness of these issues in your Minnesota city. The only thing that will spur change is if parents, educators, and government leaders work together to lower the obesity rates in our Minnesota communities.

Linda Sheplee

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St Paul Parents: Is Your Child’s Car Seat Safe?

St Paul Parents: Is Your Child's Car Seat Safe?

Anyone in St Paul who transports kids in their car should regularly review the child safety seat regulations. Minnesota and federal laws are periodically updated. St Paul parents who think their six year-old doesn’t need to be in a booster seat may be surprised to learn that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that children stay in a booster seat until their height and weight exceed the manufacturer’s limits.

Complete recommendations can be found at

Here are some quick facts for St Paul parents:

  • Keep infants and toddlers rear-facing as long as possible.
  • Upgrade child safety seat when child reaches max height and weight for each particular model.
  • Most Minnesota Wal-Mart, Target, and Babies-R-Us stores carry safety seats for all ages.
  • St Paul children are ALWAYS safer in the back seat and those under twelve should never ride in the front seat.

I am Xobiotic Squares distributor Linda Sheplee. Thanks for visiting my St Paul children’s health site. If you would like information about a terrific nutritional product available in St Paul, call, text, or email me today.

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The Vitamin D/Sunscreen Dilemma In Woodbury

The Vitamin D/Sunscreen Dilemma In Woodbury For the past thirty years or so, dutiful Woodbury parents have been slathering their children with sunscreen when the little swimmers or soccer players head out into the sun. Woodbury dermatologists and oncologists have urged us to be vigilant about skin cancer risks.

That’s all well and good, right? Then we started hearing about the importance of Vitamin D.

As it turns out, millions of American children, many here in Woodbury, are dangerously deficient in this elusive nutrient.

Vitamin D is important for bone health, cell growth, immune system function, and keeping inflammation in check. Ironically, researchers are finding evidence that Vitamin D can help prevent many types of cancer.

What’s a confused Woodbury parent to do? Woodbury pediatricians don’t encourage parents to stop protecting their children from sunburn, but many say that 5-20 minutes of unprotected exposure may help ensure that your child has adequate levels of Vitamin D. When it comes to sun exposure, a little goes a long way.

If you wonder whether your Woodbury child needs Vitamin D supplements, talk to your Minneapolis pediatrician or primary care doctor.

This site is for Woodbury people who are dedicated to improving the health of children in the Minneapolis area. I am Linda Sheplee. I sell a nutritional product that Woodbury parents can feel good about. If you would like to try Xobiotic Squares, contact me by phone or email.

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